Tractor Trailer Recovery

Here at Herring Motor, we are fully equipped to handle jobs and recoveries involving tractor trailers. Unfortunately, these accidents sometimes involve more than one vehicle. When a tractor trailer wrecks or rollovers, Herring’s receives a phone call from the Pennsylvania Turnpike. We then send out a Wreck Master supervisor to observe the scene and report back to the shop with what equipment is needed to complete the job in a safe and timely manner. This requires many different types of equipment and several employees. Our employees from Herring Motor are not always in the safest environment when working on a wreck, so this is where we would like to ask you to slow down, move over, and remember, it’s the law!

The job doesn’t end when the cleanup is over. A lot more work is put into unloading the equipment and material that were involved in the rollover. We put away all equipment and restock the necessary tools and materials that way they are ready for the next rollover. After that, many hours are spent doing paperwork to ensure the accident is properly documented and reported.